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Naor Fischbein

Hollywood, Florida
My name is Naor Fischbein, I’m the founder of SanaSana.com, an online retailer that caters to Hispanic woman, offering a large selection of consumer products and brands under the categories of Nutritional Vitamins & Supplements, Beauty & Personal Care, Baby & Children, Weight Loss, as well as Household products.
If you’re Hispanic, you are most likely smiling at the thought of our name and the childhood memory that it invokes. It not only represents a parent telling a child that things will get better; it also carries a feeling of hope. Fulfilling this hope is what drives me and the philosophy that aligns perfectly with SanaSana’s mission: To improve the life of orphaned children throughout Latin America.
How do we help these children? We start by using a vehicle such as SanaSana.com to generate the exposure and the resources needed. We continue by teaching our customers that when they “buy”, they also “give”. We then spread the message further through the large traffic generated by our thousands of articles posted on blogs such as:


Finally, we recruit writers that share our vision and wish to be a part of this very special cause.