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Jose Diaz Romero

Negocios Magazine
Social Media Content Manager
Miami, FL
With twenty five years of professional experience in Latin America and the United States of America, in professional fields as public relations, corporate image consulting, graphic design, advertising, event production, television program production, as well as hosting television programs, writing television scripts, recording voice-overs, writing articles for media prints and the internet. Within the past twelve years, I have been employed in the United States, founded four companies, consulting other companies, and collaborating with industry publications and charity organizations.

U.S. Corporate Experience
Network News Producer for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle content at Telemundo Network, LLC. [Employed]. Hialeah, FL
April 2003-April 2006
Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. TV Shows: "De Mañanita" and "Cada Día con Maria Antonieta". Annual Special Events: “Premios Billboard de la Música Latina, La Alfombra Roja”, “Las 50 Bellezas de People En Español”, “Miami Fashion Week”, “Camino a la Corona”, “Las Delegadas” and “Miss Universo”. Telemundo Internacional began as Latin America's second 24-hour news channel that did not broadcast from Latin America. TV Shows: "Hoy en América" and "América en vivo".

Co-founder and Vice President at Dolce Vita Global, LLC. [Former The Dolce Vita Group, inc. 2006-2009. Miami, FL. Partnership]. Los Angeles, CA
August 2010-Present
Mission: Corporate Development and Creative Marketing.
Platforms: Marketing, Branding, Multimedia, Philanthropy and Entertainment.
Divisions: Interactive Marketing, Branded Social Media Engagement Strategies, Branded Entertainment Partnership, Web Design and Digital Marketing Integration, Event Management, Event Design and production, Celebrity Marketing, Communication and Public Relations, Graphic Design and Print Production and Promotional Marketing.
Services: Corporate Development, Creative & Strategic Marketing, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Branding, Hospitality & Gourmet Branding, Spa & Health/Aesthetic Center Branding, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle TV Production, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Professionals Management, Green & Environment Image Builder, Corporate & Business Networking and Non-Profit Organization Media Relations.
www.dolcevitaglobal.com (Last Updated: November 2011)

Founder and Managing Director at Jose Diaz Branding, Inc. - [Owner]. Miami, FL/Los Angeles, CA
October 2009-Present
Mission: Multimedia Communications for U.S. Hispanic & Latin America Web Audience.
Platforms: Digital Marketing, Brand Spot Show, Live Stream Production, Social Media Management and Multimedia Platform Development.
Services: Visual Identity, Web Site Developing, Branding Graphics Design, Publications Photography, Blog Creation, Social Video Marketing, Mobile Apps Developing, E-Books Developing & Live Stream Production.
www.josediazbranding.com (Under Construction)

Co-founder and Producer at Photoshock Studio, Inc. - [Partnership]. Miami, FL
May 2012-Present
Mission: High Definition Photo Image source for Social Media.
Platform: Stock Photo Image, Image Campaign Creation, Brand Video Production and Epicure Visual Identity.
Services: Commercial Photo Image, Branding Graphics Design, Publications Photography, E-Books Developing, Social Video Marketing and Food & Cocktails Styling.
www.photoshockstudio.com (Under Construction)

NBC/Universal Telemundo Network (Network News & Specials Writer/Producer/Reporter) - Hialeah, FL 2003-2006.
Niki Beach Fashion Party Special (Co-Executive Producer) - Fashion TV, Miami, FL 2003.
Luxe World TV Show (Pilot Producer Consultant - Season 1) - E! Entertainment Latin America, Miami, FL 2006.
Body Channel (U.S. Representative/Content Creator) - Miami, FL 2007-2008.
ColombianFashion.com (U.S. Representative/Content Cr