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Isela Sotelo

Isela Sotelo is an accomplished musician who has recorded with many well-known artists and has served as the executive director of the Los Angeles Music & Arts School for 17 years. Many years ago, Isela backed away from her career as a musician to share her passion for the arts with low-income students. She is recognized amongst her peers for her support to the school because of her belief that the arts are an enlightening force that can provide meaning and value to a person's life, steering them in a more constructive direction. Many of the school's graduates are now in successful recording and performance careers.

As an artist with roots in East Los Angeles, CA, Isela's creative path has always been driven by her passion for the arts and pride for her Latino heritage. She sees that same passion and pride in the faces of the children served by the Los Angeles Music and Art School (LAMusArt) when after months of practice, they perform for their family and friends to rousing applause, or when they show off their well-deserved ribbons and trophies. Providing young people with the opportunity to excel, and to find their creative path toward higher education and successful futures is what makes her work gratifying and inspirational. Isela fervently believes in the transformative power of the arts and is honored to be part of an organization that is invested in the wellbeing and future success of the community's youth.