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Oscar Menjivar

Oscar Menjivar co-founded Urban TxT in an effort to encourage inner city teen males to become catalysts of change in urban communities. As a strong-minded, spirited young man, Oscar deterred from a life of gangs and violence, choosing to invest his passion for computer programming in teaching technical, leadership, and other skills critical to today's workplace. For some, it was their first time using computing technology.

Oscar is a social entrepreneur and an innovator who teaches Black and Latino boys how to become technology entrepreneurs by learning coding language, such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Objective C. He is building a culture of excellence and technology in South Los Angeles for kids that need it. Oscar has been able to provide over 500 kids in his neighborhood an opportunity to follow their passions and dreams through enrichment programs. Today, Oscar's students attend universities such as Stanford, University of Southern California, UCLA, and Cal Poly Pomona.