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Saul Arvelo

Knowing the obstacles and challenges faced by low-income families first hand, Saul Arvelo was fortunate enough to benefit from amazing role models as a kid through the "I Have a Dream" Foundation and "Project Morry." Saul took it upon himself to give back to these communities by dedicating a huge portion of his life to running the programs and services for young kids from neighborhoods like his. Saul has pledged a 10-year commitment to those two non-profit youth development organizations. In his tenure as High School Program Coordinator for "Project Morry," 100 percent of the students who stayed with the program graduated from high school.

After being a participant in the "I Have A Dream Foundation" and "Project Morry" as a child, Saul Arvelo gave back to both youth development organizations by working as a high school program coordinator, volunteering to serve on the Young Professionals Committee for Project Morry, and volunteering as an alumni ambassador for the "I Have a Dream" Foundation. Prior to becoming a Recruitment Coordinator for the Disney ABC Television Group, he spent seven consecutive summers on Project Morry's staff, creating and developing the high school program and facilitating educational, social and career workshops at a residential summer camp located near Glen Spey, NY. He has spoken on behalf of the "I Have a Dream" Foundation at various galas and annual fundraising events to help raise awareness for the program and volunteers mentoring high school youth at career development workshops.