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Virginia “Viky” Garcia

Viky is a local community activist with an interest in creating a voice for the underserved and encouraging positive change. She currently concentrates her efforts in community development and neighborhood organizing, having established a neighbor-led local Crime Stoppers program. She juggles multiple projects in the interest of creating an empowered community that is self-aware and willing to work for the better.

Since early childhood, Viky Garcia has actively contributed to the Humane Society. Even after a severe accident in 2008 left her facing the challenges of a wheelchair, her desire to create change has remained unscathed. In 2012, Viky initiated the formation of the St. Peter's Historic Neighborhood Association to counter non-ADA compliant sidewalks. As the embodiment of resilience and action, Viky has led countless other community initiatives such as serving as the president of the Laredo Crime Stoppers, helping to establish Volunteers Serving the Need, a nonprofit organization that provides food for low-income veterans, and the Laredo Clothesline Project which focuses on violence against women.